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Bear with me.

This is going to be rough. Rough because I’m not a grand writer. Rough because I’m nervous. Rough because I’m still dealing with my own slow learning curve. Rough because I’m still processing every single word that I’ll be telling you.

I write this blog for anyone who is affected by marriage. If that’s not you, then check your pulse. No matter what stage or state you are in life, in some way, shape, or form, you are affected by marriage. Maybe it’s your own, maybe your parent’s, maybe your friend’s, maybe your child’s. If none of those, then the total strangers’ who have found themselves dependent on your tax money to stay afloat after a divorce financial catastrophe. Any way you cut it, you can’t escape it.

I write to be a voice that is not often heard anymore. A voice to talk about strengthening marriage. A voice to uphold vows with absolutely no exceptions.

You’ll get to know me as I write, but here’s a few tidbits: I am married. I am a wife. My husband left me. We’ve been married for less than five years. We are both Christian. We are both practicing Catholics.

So I will draw from theology, psychology, philosophy, and personal experience to support you wherever you are in your journey. I will be addressing mostly issues pertaining to marriages that are struggling and need support and reasons to stay committed. My main goal is to foster reconciliation and growth in your marriage, but I will also be posting tidbits on preparing for marriage, how to make good marriages better, friendship, the concept of love in general, social impacts, etc.

By the time you find this I assume that my blog posts will paint a better picture. Comment. Question. Discuss.

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