This blog is coming out of my own painful and struggling marriage situation. Despite being surrounded by strong, practicing Christians, who love their faith, God, and want to make the world a better place, more often than not these same people gave me no better advice than the secular status quo. Tired of hearing a higher ratio of

You’re young and pretty: You’ll find someone else, no problem”;
“God doesn’t want you to be unhappy”;
“You’ve done all you can, you should move on. Its over”


“God is by your side through this. Trust that God will give you the strength to live out your promises.”;
“Recall your vows: for worse, for poorer, in sickness, till death”;
“Let me help you both”;
“We will not give up on either of you or your marriage and we will walk this journey with you no matter how painful”;
“What have you done for your marriage today?”

“Like Christ Loved” is a response to the lack of Christian response. My husband and I both needed more of the latter, but it was few and far between. Now we are divorced.

I am not giving up on my marriage and I’m not giving up on yours. Let me be a voice to counter the secular standard of ‘get out now!’.

I’m still traveling this long, painful, and ardous journey. I do not have all the answers, nor am I living all my advice perfectly. I will sound bitter and angry sometimes, and for that I apologize. Forgiveness is the biggest hurdle yet. I haven’t given up though, and until I pass into the next life, I pray that I never stop trying to grow to be more Christ like.


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